Indiana & Ohio Private Detectives Utilize GPS Tracking Systems
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Thursday, 27 January 2011 23:18

Technology has sure become the best friend of our agency's private investigators. From the availability of information databases on the internet to tiny cameras, the advantages of using high-tech devices for private investigation are enormous. One of the 'must have' devices that any serious private investigator would use is a GPS tracking device.

What is a GPS Tracking Device?

A GPS tracking device allows our Indiana and Ohio private investigators to track an individual by placing a GPS device in their car or on their person. Some devices will force you to recover the device to download the data off it. More sophisticated devices will allow you to track the individual in real time through the internet or a proprietary service. For most professional investigators it is worth having the remote data feeds as the delay in retrieving data and the risks involved in recovering the device can be costly. For personal use, many people can get by with a device that can be retrieved.

A private investigation agency can have a lot of uses for a GPS tracker. Here are just a few:

Workers compensation
- It can be very time consuming to stake out a house and conduct live surveillance. With a GPS tracker the investigator can build up a pattern of the subject's activities. Then using a real-time tracking system, the tracker quickly notifies the investigator when the subject has traveled to a place where they may be doing something that would prove fraud. For example, if you have tracked them to a dance club or roller skating rink you may have time to pack up your video camera and get to the location and catch them performing activities they have been claiming they were unable to do.

Cheating Spouse - This is a very good use of a GPS tracking system. In fact many non-professionals purchase a GPS tracking system for this purpose. Once again the beauty is that you can conduct 90% of your surveillance from the privacy of your home or office. You can know when the subject arrives at a particular residence and know exactly what time the mark leaves. Often this information is enough to confirm that a spouse has lied to their significant other and break open a case.

Missing Person Cases - For big league private investigators that get involved in serious jobs such as missing person, any and every lead is valuable. Using a GPS tracking device you can collect movements of people that you suspect or use a GPS to rule out someone that you may have suspicions on. Private investigators know that in many cases a break comes because you obtain information that shows deceit or inconsistencies between what people do and what they say they do. Having a GPS tracking device in place for a week and then calling up the suspect and asking them to give a rundown of their activities can sometimes uncover important information.

CounterIntelligence - GPS tracking devices can be very valuable in counter intelligence. An example may be that a private investigator suspects that a particular employee is involved in selling off product information or trade secrets to a competitor. By tracking the suspect's movements and recording the data it can be easy to identify a relationship and either confirm or deny the suspicions.

Before you purchase a GPS tracking device, you must know the laws pertaining to their use.  The investigators at Frontline Investigations have years of experience in conducting covert surveillance and are well versed on the laws regarding their use in Indiana and Ohio.  Contact our agency to schedule a free consultation - (800) 975-7130.


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