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A cheating spouse can be motivated by a number of factors, although one common theme holds true for all extra marital affairs regardless if the infidelity is taking place in Westfield, Noblesville, Carmel, Fishers, or Indianapolis, Indiana – in the end everyone gets hurt. The cheater, the non-offending spouse, the kids - no one wins. Husbands and wives run around behind the backs of their spouses seeking extra marital affairs for one reason or another. It is a painful process. If your spouse is cheating on you, you are entitled to make the best of a bad situation by hiring a private investigator to expose the truth. Begin to think of your marriage as business proposition and the infidelity as an opportunity to acquire the most security and strength in the divorce process.


What Are The Signs Of A Cheating Spouse?

Do you suspect your spouse of having an extra marital affair? Begin to look for signs of a cheating spouse. Don’t sit idle; if you suspect infidelity, your intuition is probably right. Here are a few very popular signs of cheating:

1. Facebook – it is responsible for 20% of all divorces.
2. Overtime at work – suddenly your spouse is staying late at the office. This is a great excuse to hookup with the new boyfriend or girlfriend.
3. Hiding the cell phone – a cheater will always try to hide their cell phone from a husband or wife. New passwords or security codes preventing access are also red flags.
4. The computer – a cheating spouse won’t allow you access to their computer or they suddenly shut down the computer when you walk into the room.
5. New odd smells. If you suspect a cheating husband – why does he smell of floral perfume? If you suspect your wife of cheating – where did her pretty scent go?

These are just a few signs of a cheating spouse and they apply no matter where the infidelity or adultery exist. From Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton to Cincinnati, Ohio - pay close attention and you will see the signs of a cheating spouse expose themself to you.


How To Catch A Cheating Spouse

The best way to catch a cheating spouse in Indiana is to be consistent in your behavior. Once you are wise to your spouse's extra marital affair in Noblesville, Indiana you must begin to focus on YOU. By not altering your behavior, you are encouraging your cheating spouse to continue with his or her affair which is exactly what you want. You want your husband/wife to continue cheating so that you can capture the affair on video.

Your next step – hire a private investigator to catch your cheating spouse and contact your attorney or hire one.  Do not confront your cheating spouse about their adultery or extra marital affair. If you do you, will blow your only opportunity to acquire the video evidence you want for your divorce proceedings.

Do not follow your husband or wife to an alleged hook up with their boyfriend or girlfriend. You will tip them off and they will never cheat with their lover again. Conducting your own surveillance of your cheating spouse can be considered stalking. If you are not a licensed private investigaor, you are not legally permitted to conduct surveillance and you will sabotage future opportunities to acquire video evidence to present in court that can lead to your financial security.


Why Video Surveillance From A Private Investigator Is So Important

Video surveillance by a private investigator to catch a cheating spouse is critical to a divorce in a number of ways. First, you want to catch a cheating spouse on video to use as leverage to squeeze the most out of your spouse in divorce negotiations. This video is going to be evidence that will be used in divorce court or family court depending on whether the divorce is settled in Indiana or Ohio. Regardless of whether the divorce is taking place in Greenwood, Plainfield, or Zionsville, Indiana, you want the video to be professional, clear and steady capturing all the details necessary to identify the alleged cheaters and what they are up to. You want to hire professional private investigators with experience in video surveillance who can achieve these results for you so your video evidence can work for you in the divorce negotiating process.

Further, when you hire a private investigator in IN/OH to catch a cheating spouse in the act, the private investigator is a 3rd party, non-partial witness to the events who will testify on your behalf of the video evidence.  The private investigator will testify to his or her observations of the cheating spouse/extra martial affair - whatever the private detective witnessed the cheating husband or cheating wife engaging in. This is part of the service you are hiring the private investigator for.


Why Do You Want To Use A Private Investigation Company That Is An Expert In Video Surveillance?

When you look to hire a private investigation company to catch a cheating spouse, it is important to hire experts in conducting video surveillance for the following reasons:

1. Hiring a private investigator company that specializes in video surveillance to expose your cheating husband will increase the rate of success in obtaining quality surveillance video. Experts in this field will obtain video evidence that will compel and influence any attorney or judge to rule in your favor. Choosing a private investigation firm with surveillance skills is critical to obtaining the video footage you need in proving your case in court.

2. The most often overlooked detail when contacting a private detective agency is verifying that their investigators have experience testifying. Ultimately the surveillance video of your cheating spouse is legally admissible evidence for court that will be presented to attorneys, lawyers and judges. The private investigator who recorded the surveillance video may then be asked to testify to the authenticity of the surveillance video. The more experienced your private investigator is on the stand, the stronger your case against your cheating spouse. In turn, a stronger case against your cheating spouse will yield a greater reward in the divorce settlement.


Frontline Investigations & Surveillance LLC is a licensed private investigation agency with offices in Indianapolis, Indiana and Cincinnati, Ohio.  Infidelity investigations make up the majority of our caseload and we are experts in documenting affairs through video surveillance.  Contact us today to discuss your needs in detail - (800) 975-7130.


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