Indiana/Ohio Private Investigation Agency Records Surveillance Videos In High-Definition
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Our agency obtains video surveillance footage in high-definition (HD) which provides incriminating evidence to defend insurance fraud, settle medical malpractice lawsuits, personal injury fraud, and expose cheating husbands, wives and spouses that are having extra marital affairs that often lead to a divorce. Our surveillance videos are brought to life with the quality and crispness of 1080P HD video which is clearer, more powerful and compelling to judges, juries, attorneys, wives, and husbands.

Surveillance Video Details Are Highlighted and Accentuated In HD

Frontline Investigations is at the forefront of technology. All video surveillance is recorded in high-definition (HD) highlighting every fraudulent detail and movement a subject makes. The crisp clarity and sharpness leaves little doubt to a jury as to the abilities of the subject. No spouse is left wondering where a wandering hand slipped to when the surveillance video is filmed in high-definition video.

HD cameras allow our investigators to zoom in on the smallest detail while still maintaining a clear picture. We can also record footage from a greater distance without losing clarity, giving our private investigators more anonymity while in the field without degrading the quality of the video. And by using wide angle lenses, we can record a larger area, showing more of the target's activities. Photos extracted from surveillance video recorded in 1080p are clearer, offering greater detail than ever before.

A Private Investigators Surveillance Video Must Have a Date and Time Stamp

All of our surveillance video that is recorded in HD is verifiable with a date and time stamp. This is an absolute requirement of all private investigator surveillance videos and surveillance videos recorded in high-definition.  Our expert private investigators will authenticate the surveillance videos at any time, as per the rules governed by our Indiana and Ohio private investigator licenses.

When you contemplate who to hire for your next surveillance case, ask what type of recording media that agency uses.  Many still record on 8mm tape, Hi8, mini DV or are using a digital / HD camera for surveillance, utilizing an old style RCA cable to transfer the video to DVD (think – “he says its HD but it still looks like a grainy VCR tape”) which instantly degrades the quality of the video, removing the crisp clarity.

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